I don’t eat cake: Here’s the reason


Eeeee Parrrtyyyy to Eewwweee paaaarty.
Smearing cake, the first thing the present generation so called developed people do in party, specially Birthday party. One can see this trend in college students and the parties with same age group people; Why not schooling ones? as they celebrate birthday parties at home and see their parent’s eye on them.
It became a tradition in birthday parties to smear cake on the birthday celebrity and if you don’t do people will think you as dumb or an old fashioned guy.
After my schooling I went to college and found the trend of birthday bombs and smearing cake. Sometimes friends celebrate birthday with two cakes, one for taste and other to waste. Even if there is one single cake, almost two third is used to paint the face and shirts of the party attendees. And calls the party as “Ooo, maza aa gaya”.

Is this your idea of fun? Smearing icing on each other’s face on your birthday? Wasting so much cake which was made with such a care and have embossed with nice art. You know India still has got a lot of people going to sleep in half-filled stomaches, if not empty. What an irony, isn’t it? and also most of the people didn’t have tasted any delicious cake in their whole life. They didn’t even get proper food for livelihood how they can think of cake. And ironically we all waste that thing with pride. Good or pathetic?

I can’t do that. I can’t waste any single fooding item. I can’t waste cake. But the problem is, if I don’t the others will. Is there any solution of it? there must be. I got a solution of my own that is just tell others that you don’t eat cake for any reason. Now you’ll say what the dumbo idea… wait and see that as you did not took your cake part, others will try to get more part to eat(human nature of greed) and some will use cake as paint balls. The best thing you can think here that indirectly there is no wastage of cake, the part you could have eaten is now on the face of others and most of the cake is consumed. Its just an idea which I applies a lot. My ethics says that if I can’t stop anyone doing some wrong just don’t be a part of that thing. All the thing is, enjoy the yummy cake don’t smear and fake. If you have another idea, comment it.


As I heard about Nepal earthquake, I instantly remembered one line from my Hindi text book

“मुई खाल की स्वास् से सार भसम हुई जाय” … 

Now you would think what those Nepalies have done?

If you have remembered ‪#‎GadimaiFestival‬ of Nepal which held on November just 6 months before.

I’m also in a big grief and sad with that earthquake but also want to say this.
If you play with nature and slaughter innocent animals just in name of ritual, the same god will take you as ‪#‎Bali‬ … 
Over 5 Lakh animals were slaughtered… Their cries and blood that flooded on Nepal’s land also took the same … So sad
Please see this “Over 5 Lakh Animal slaughtered in Nepal

Nature always do Tit for Tat






कार्तिक कृष्ण (१५) अमावस्या : वीर निर्वाण कल्याणक महोत्सव (दिवाली महोत्सव)

दीपावली हम सभी के लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण दिन है, इसी दिन हम सभी के इष्ट २४ वे तीर्थंकर भगवान् महावीर को निर्वाण प्राप्त हुआ था |
कार्तिक कृष्ण की १४ की रात व कार्तिक कृष्ण की अमावस्या की प्रातः वेला में भगवान् महावीर ने बाकी बचे हुए ४ अघातिया कर्मों को नष्ट कर के मोक्ष लक्ष्मी को प्राप्त किया और इसी दिन कार्तिक कृष्ण अमावस्या की सायं काल की शुभ वेला में भगवान् महावीर के प्रथम गणधर गौतम स्वामी को केवल ज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ |

ततस्तुः लोकः प्रतिवर्षमादरत् प्रसिद्धदीपलिकयात्र भारते |
समुद्यतः पूजयितुं जिनेश्वरं जिनेन्द्र-निर्वाण विभूति-भक्तिभाक् |२० |

translation :The gods illuminated Pava-nagri by lamps to mark the occasion. Since that time, the people of Bharat celebrate the famous festival of “Dipalika” to worship the Jinendra (i.e. Lord Mahavira) on the occasion of his nirvana.
अनुवाद: इस दिवस को हर्षोल्लास से मानाने के लिए देवों द्वारा दीपमालिकाएं प्रज्वलित की गयीं, जिसको देख कर के भारत वासी भगवान् जिनेन्द्र (महावीर) के निर्वाण उत्सव को दिवाली के रूप में मानाने लगे |

शुभ दिवाली, happy diwali

Happy Women’s Day

women day

Hey Girls, this message from me is specially for you, ya boys can also read it and feel the importance of such.

It was the time when I completed my schooling and my graduate days, I was a quite shy guy who usually don’t talk to people specially girls. Whatever may be the reason, I’ve made some positive some negative perception over girls. These perception made my views over girls just like any random orthodox can think of.
As I grown from schooling to graduates and then to post graduates, I changed my mindset, my views, mine perception over girls.My views got changed because of the thinking capabilities and of course time. Some of the points changed from positive to negative and many negative to positive, majority of positive points leads in nature. Sometime I realized how delicate and how strong you are. I realized that you are those gifts which are not ment to be neglected and must be given lots of care and love.
Every person’s life started by seeing the first face of a girl, ya that’s our mom, who teaches us to survive in this cruel world and take cares of us in every odd circumstances, next come is our teacher who care us like her own baby and teaches us how to deal with the other in ways to get a good livelihood, next comes our childhood friend or we can say our sister who fights with us for every small silly things but cares for us like hell. As life forwards some more steps we find a friend especially a Girl, who keeps our secrets, teaches us what friendship means in actual, she give us lot of care like family. Next comes the girl as your wife and makes you a complete man, she wipes your all sadness from your soul and becomes your soulmate for life, she gives birth to your new generation and makes you to hear the word ‘papa’ thats make you cry with lots of happiness. That baby daughter who loves you more than any one can do, makes you her king and the most handsome guy in the world.

I’m very thankful to all the girls in my life. I’m thankful to my mom for making me able to deal with all shorts of matters, I’m thankful for all my dear sisters who doesn’t left my wrist without a rakhi on rakshabandhan, I’m thankful to all my friends who loves me for what I am.

Girls you all are awesome.

Happy Women’s Day

Boys whatever we’ll become, how much stronger we become, we can never debt out the things that girls provides to us, better just love them, do their care and make this world safe for them.

Written by: Shrey Kumar Jain

Sharad Purnima

धन्य घडी यह “शरद पूर्णिमा”, मिला हमें जिसका वरदान |
संत शिरोमणि और ज्ञान से, पूर्ण हुई ये सदी महान ||

शरद पूर्णिमा – अश्विन शुक्ल १५, वी. नि. सं. २५४०:

आज का दिवस एक ऐसी महान तिथि को है, जो हमें महान पुन्यवान सिद्ध करता है, हमें ही क्योँ सारे भ्रम्हांड को पुण्यवान और अतिशय युक्त बनता है | क्यूंकि आज इस पवन तिथि को इस सदी के महानतम दिगम्बर आचार्य संत शिरोमणि १०८ श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज और गणिनी आर्यिका १०५ ज्ञानमती माताजी का जन्मोत्सव है | धन्य है हम जो इस सदी मैं मनुष्य हुए और इनकी मधुर वाणी सुन के भाव सागर से पार होने मोक्ष मार्ग पर चल उठे |

आचार्य श्री विदिशा (म. प्र.) में विराजमान हैं |
आर्यिका माता ज्ञानमती जी जम्बुद्वीप, हस्तिनापुर में विराजमान हैं |

आचार्य श्री सा और कोई चिन्तक कभी नही हो सकता,
मूक पशुओं की पुकार को सुनने वाला नही हो सकता,
धन्य है हम जो हमें मिले इस जीवन में आचार्य श्री,
मक्षा मार्ग का आर्य प्रदर्शक इन जैसा कोई नही हो सकता |

जय जय गुरुदेव

ज्ञानमती माता ने जैसा ज्ञान दिया है हम सबको,
कठिन ग्रंथों को सरल रूप में पढ़ा दिया है हम सबको,
बता दिया है इस जग को नारी शक्ति क्या कर सकती
स्वयं सरस्वती बन कर के अभिमान दिया है हम सबको |

written by: श्रेय कुमार जैन

Who is Good ?



  1. You cry she wipe ur tears & if she cries u shout shout and avoid her saying you always cry .
  2. You look at girls you are admiring god’s beauty, she looks at guys she’s a bitch.
  3. You meet her late you were busy, she meets u late she was with somebody .
  4. She misses you she calls you..you feel she keeps disturbing . . She doesn’t call she no more loves me .
  5. You hang out late leaving her . . You tel to think broad . She hangs out late she is blamed for being too forward and spoilt .
  6. You make somebody to sit on your bike . .reason the girl didn’t have any other option it was late . . She sits on somebody’s bike . Didn’t you have any other option and that too so late alone with him . .
  7. There so many things where the girl has to compromise and still it’s always that you can never love her more than she does.


  1. If a girl cry then she must got hurt and dozens of boys can come to console her BUT if a boy cries then he is scolded by others by saying “kyoun ladkiyoun jaise ro rahe ho” and no one consle him HE CAN NOT EVEN CRY IF HURT.
  2. If a girl looks, gaze and even smile then boys feel pride but if a boy looks at girl then he is awarded as a “CHICHORA or LOFAR”.
  3. If she meets you after a wait then it’s to be girls attitude and habit or she was busy in doing make-up,etc. but if you got late for even 30 sec. then “MAY GOD BLESS YOU”.
  4. If a boy do call then it may show their attraction & affection … even do more call it shows love & care but for girls what for girls they think “WHY THEY HAVE TO CALL ???”.
  5. If she hangout late leaving you and avoid you for her friends then it’s for girl talk and if you do the same then she thinks she’s got annoyed or neglected “BOYS CAN NOT EVEN DO BACHELORS PARTY”.
  6. If a girl wants a lift then every boy can help her but if a boy wants lift then girl do not even stop for a while, they only want to roam on their scooties…..
  7. There are so many things where the boy have to compromise and still its always that girl can never love him more than he does even the boy has to spend his saving for his love.

AND one more thing … boys do true love but girls…if pockets are heavy then IN else… Reject NEXT….