Happy Women’s Day

women day

Hey Girls, this message from me is specially for you, ya boys can also read it and feel the importance of such.

It was the time when I completed my schooling and my graduate days, I was a quite shy guy who usually don’t talk to people specially girls. Whatever may be the reason, I’ve made some positive some negative perception over girls. These perception made my views over girls just like any random orthodox can think of.
As I grown from schooling to graduates and then to post graduates, I changed my mindset, my views, mine perception over girls.My views got changed because of the thinking capabilities and of course time. Some of the points changed from positive to negative and many negative to positive, majority of positive points leads in nature. Sometime I realized how delicate and how strong you are. I realized that you are those gifts which are not ment to be neglected and must be given lots of care and love.
Every person’s life started by seeing the first face of a girl, ya that’s our mom, who teaches us to survive in this cruel world and take cares of us in every odd circumstances, next come is our teacher who care us like her own baby and teaches us how to deal with the other in ways to get a good livelihood, next comes our childhood friend or we can say our sister who fights with us for every small silly things but cares for us like hell. As life forwards some more steps we find a friend especially a Girl, who keeps our secrets, teaches us what friendship means in actual, she give us lot of care like family. Next comes the girl as your wife and makes you a complete man, she wipes your all sadness from your soul and becomes your soulmate for life, she gives birth to your new generation and makes you to hear the word ‘papa’ thats make you cry with lots of happiness. That baby daughter who loves you more than any one can do, makes you her king and the most handsome guy in the world.

I’m very thankful to all the girls in my life. I’m thankful to my mom for making me able to deal with all shorts of matters, I’m thankful for all my dear sisters who doesn’t left my wrist without a rakhi on rakshabandhan, I’m thankful to all my friends who loves me for what I am.

Girls you all are awesome.

Happy Women’s Day

Boys whatever we’ll become, how much stronger we become, we can never debt out the things that girls provides to us, better just love them, do their care and make this world safe for them.

Written by: Shrey Kumar Jain


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