Nepal Earthquake: My thoughts

As I heard about Nepal earthquake, I instantly remembered one line from my Hindi text book

“मुई खाल की स्वास् से सार भसम हुई जाय” … 

Now you would think what those Nepalies have done?

If you have remembered ‪#‎GadimaiFestival‬ of Nepal which held on November just 6 months before.

I’m also in a big grief and sad with that earthquake but also want to say this.
If you play with nature and slaughter innocent animals just in name of ritual, the same god will take you as ‪#‎Bali‬ … 
Over 5 Lakh animals were slaughtered… Their cries and blood that flooded on Nepal’s land also took the same … So sad
Please see this “Over 5 Lakh Animal slaughtered in Nepal

Nature always do Tit for Tat





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