I don’t eat cake: Here’s the reason


Eeeee Parrrtyyyy to Eewwweee paaaarty.
Smearing cake, the first thing the present generation so called developed people do in party, specially Birthday party. One can see this trend in college students and the parties with same age group people; Why not schooling ones? as they celebrate birthday parties at home and see their parent’s eye on them.
It became a tradition in birthday parties to smear cake on the birthday celebrity and if you don’t do people will think you as dumb or an old fashioned guy.
After my schooling I went to college and found the trend of birthday bombs and smearing cake. Sometimes friends celebrate birthday with two cakes, one for taste and other to waste. Even if there is one single cake, almost two third is used to paint the face and shirts of the party attendees. And calls the party as “Ooo, maza aa gaya”.

Is this your idea of fun? Smearing icing on each other’s face on your birthday? Wasting so much cake which was made with such a care and have embossed with nice art. You know India still has got a lot of people going to sleep in half-filled stomaches, if not empty. What an irony, isn’t it? and also most of the people didn’t have tasted any delicious cake in their whole life. They didn’t even get proper food for livelihood how they can think of cake. And ironically we all waste that thing with pride. Good or pathetic?

I can’t do that. I can’t waste any single fooding item. I can’t waste cake. But the problem is, if I don’t the others will. Is there any solution of it? there must be. I got a solution of my own that is just tell others that you don’t eat cake for any reason. Now you’ll say what the dumbo idea… wait and see that as you did not took your cake part, others will try to get more part to eat(human nature of greed) and some will use cake as paint balls. The best thing you can think here that indirectly there is no wastage of cake, the part you could have eaten is now on the face of others and most of the cake is consumed. Its just an idea which I applies a lot. My ethics says that if I can’t stop anyone doing some wrong just don’t be a part of that thing. All the thing is, enjoy the yummy cake don’t smear and fake. If you have another idea, comment it.


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