Tata Indore

हैगा एक नंबर इंदौर भाइयो हम हैं हार्डकोर

Rather being SGSITSian, I became an Indori, the city of holkars and Rahat indori. A city with more fans of पोहा जलेबी than Salman khan. The best thing here is खाना, खाना और खाते जाना, and here every where is सेव सेव सेव

Starting the first day with the prayers at Nasiya ji temple, I found many interesting peoples who became so good friend of me and I bet they will remain with me till my end.
thanks to Akash Singhai for being one of the best roommate ever and for learning oratorship and #dualMeanings from me.
Akash Jain Singhai every time I here “Baba ji ka thullu dekha” I just remember of you… you were awesome
company secratary Aditya Jain bittu, tum na hote indore na dekh pata.
Savan Jain, SamkIt JaIn, thanks both of you for being in my team #LullaCommittee
We did all the best things possible here in indore.

I’ve seen the best and worst, day life and night life of indore… was totally hilarious.
Making trips to Mandu, pushpgiri, siddhvarkoot, and all the tourist spots near by.
Thanks for Varsha Jain, Mayank Singhai, Preeti Jain, Suyash Jain, CA Mayank Jain, Anubha Agrawal, for letting me know that the school friends are the best.

SGSITS teachers and my guides were all awesome and so good they taught me those things that I think were not in existence.
Special thanks to some of my classmates for making me realize I’m worth living and holded my hands when nobody was there for me Satish Prajapat you were the best we went to IIT, Ramswaroop Nagar bhai saab tum to gazab nikle, Neha Mate Divyani Peeyush Joshi Khushboo Jain you can now call me bhaiya(no body else) bahut rote the tum log ye kehne ko or main mana kar deta tha…hahaha.
Neeraj Badjatya thanks for you too for coming with me on SAB TV program.
There are many more… Thanks for not giving me farewell party.
TATA, hope we meet again

one last thing to you all

क्या लग रहे हो जच रहे हो, शानदार

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