Like to Unlike


It feels very awkward and so alienated when our friend start ignoring us or seems he/she is not liking us just like before. Many of us will say Yes, it happened before and that also lead to unfriend or something. But have you also felt that you also did that to many?. No you didn’t, you will add a point like, I am like the same as before, I’ve not done like this, I’ve not deserted anyone. Not only you but those who have done this with you will also say the same.
So, what is the main cause that we change our like to some things to unlike the same or we can say we have liked the same thing before(it may be the person, his/her act, their likes or dislikes, etc.) but now we are just oppose or dislike the the things that were liked by them.
Its common, we even don’t get the point that we are getting apart. It seems like it just the time which is changing not us.
But in my views, the time is same that was like before, the person is same that he/she was like before, even we didn’t changed a little, but the environment and their experience with you made a little change in their perception. Perception is the only key that divert our mid from likeliness to unlikeliness.


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