My Life as a GHOST


I am not a Ghost, how many times I need to say this? Why you all can’t hear this? I am again saying I’m not a ghost and also not a suffering soul.
I am very tired of this, where ever I go and where ever I live, the people around just ran away from me. I went near to my family, to my sister, to my brother, to my childern and even near to my love, but in vain, no one is able to recognize me. Not even recognize, they are just ignoring me like I’m not there.
Hey, friend can you see me, I am just standing in front of you and widening my arms to hug you. Why you are also not responding to me? Can’t you see me? I’m just here…
Oh my God, what you did this to me? Nobody is able to see me while I can see them and even feel their closeness.
I just remember the last day when every body was so caring and talkative to me, all of my friends and my family members loved me a lot. I remember the last words from my love saying “Darling, its okay, I love you, you are going to be Ok”… Going to be Ok? What? What had happenned to me, that you are saying I’m going to be Ok? Dear I am Ok.
Oho, that was the day and now no one is talking to me. It’s always like a single way annoying blank call where I can hear you but you can’t.
Dear, you know I really fear of ghosts, I’m really feeling alone now. Nobody can live alone without talking and without a company. This silence of you all is killing me… Oh God am I already dead? may be not me but only my body. Once I was having my name used to be called, I still have that one but now no one calls me.
I’ve roamed all around the globe to pass my time. When I was alive I just wanted to go abroad, to see the world. You know few years back I travelled to about every country, to every single famous and non famous place, that too in business class, stayed in five and seven star hotels, did cruising, sky diving without parachutes, did under water diving and all kind of adventurous and non adventurous activities that I was willing to do. It was so much fun and that too for free as no one was able to see me. Only I missed was a company. I did that all alone.
Now what I’m back from the tour and seen the world still I have uncertain remaining time to stay till my next birth. I went to my home and guess what; there is no bed for me to sleep, my particular room is allotted to others. Ok I’ll sleep on sofa right in the drawing room.
Hey, who switched ON the lights, just switch it off, Its disturbing my sound sleep. Why you all waked up? Why you all sweating? Shitt… this snoaring, I don’t want to disturb you but I was snoaring just like before but hell now you thought of some paranormal sound. Ok forget it, I need some food, I’m feeling hungry. Let me search it in fridge hope something must be there. If I switch On the light they will get scared, so just move slowly in dark. Damn, who have placed this glass of water in the midle of my way? This sound made them crazy and thought I must have to leave my home to keep all of them undisturbed and un-scared.
I’ve not taken bath from a long time and also not changed my clothes, not even my undies. So weired but what can I do? I can’t even touch new tangible clothes. I’ve to be okay with these last time weared clothes. You also have to be Ok if anytime you see me like this. Don’t be affraid of my frightening face. One more thing I can’t feel pain, I don’t feel hot, cold, no diseases. Only the memories and loneliness is sucking me; not killing me as I’m already dead, hahaha just joking.
Good, thank God I found an abondoned old home out of town to stay. Even tough the roof is broken but still I can say I have a place. Shhhh, don’t say it a haunted place now, its my new home. I’ll live here till I get peace and praised with a new body. Till then please lave me alone, I don’t want to get disturbed. Don’t come to my home without my permission, its not a meuseum or a laboratory to click pictures and to test your electromagnetic equipments. If you want to come, come at your own risk. I’ve no dogs at gate but its only me. So, be aware of me. I do not want to harm you but its my thought to rest in peace now. So, don’t disturb me in my new home. I’m practically now a GHOST.


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