Snaps from Past

Close up of photographer Sarah Lee
I was just looking over the past memories of last few years. Looking the beauty and fun inside the photographs taken at different moments and on different occasions. Photographs reminds us how much happy we were there at that moment and with a single photograph we reconnects with the entire scenario and we instantly remembers the whole occasion even the conversation and emotions we showed that day.

Photographs are the most precious data that we store in any storage device. We can’t suffer the loss of that data. Folder containing our old memories and the emotions in those photograps is the biggest thing that we want to save. We can wear the loss of even our financial data but not those photographs.
But is it really that the preciousness of those snaps remains same throught our life? If no, how their relevency decreased with time? and what we generally do?
We have a tendency to click as much photos as we can. Sometime we just click our different pose at a single place just for our own satisfaction. And after that we transfer all the pics from camera to computer. We selects few and do some editing and use one or two to make our profile picture for any social network communication. We selects some more and uploads as album to show it to others(even we know that no one is going to view a single pic from it). But till now we didn’t removed any pic from original folder except the few which blurred or mishandled during clicking.
After some time we reopens that folder to refresh those memories; this time we removes about one third of pics that we see as irrelevant or we found less or low emotions or with only few faces or with face we don’t like as much.
Time passes and we thought to again view those lovely memories, the irony is we only saves those pics in which we are and some those with good scenes, and rest all goes into recycle bin. Good enough about 40% of original quantity remains. Even though we have plenty of storage but its the relevency that made those pics less precious.
Again as time passes we removes many of those pics which have our own face, many selfies were removed.
On comparision we found that only 10% or less is that we found good to store. See from those thousands of pics we just abstracted to few tens. Now memories and the emotional value of those deleted pics is of no value. The thing doesn’t end here, after some more time we deletes the folder.

“Time is the only thing that changes the world”


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