Love- some definitions


Love doesn’t feel so much good when both love birds are in bed making love, Love come into picture when both are sitting close to each other, side by side in a bench, holding their hands or hugging tightly and smoothly… Just seeing in the eyes of other and forgetting the whole world is the best drug you can ever get.

Fear is somewhat more powerful than Love, it is the fear of loosing someone decides how much we love them. Without fear love is not possible, one can do anything if he fear of loosing someones relationship or have fear that the other one is in danger. People says that love can make people to do anything but in fact fear is the main cause.

People says love is necessity of living beings, but I say it as addiction. If you get loved for a single time, you’ll need it more and more. Love is far more addictive than alcohol or smoking, even some time it is more dangerous than masturbate addiction if taken unmanageably. But what makes love different than other addictions is that not only seeking love or being loved is taken as addiction but showing love and affection is also a addiction. Once a person get into these addiction he can’t live without.

What is love? Is showing some affection is love? or getting attracted towards someone is love? Parents love their childen because of love and vise versa, same siblings love each other, people love their pets, loves nature and also love to be loved. People did one sided love for their crush and some get the love back by coming into any relation. So what actually love is? Is it the result of affection? or is it the care we did for other? or it is something powerfull idea?… No one can tell what love is in actual, because love is a feeling that is all around, it is NP hard to measure love.

Love vs Science:
Uncomparable phenomenon of the universe. One is that on its principles the whole universe is working and other is that the whole universe is in existance. Science and love can be said as identical siblings but with some distinct properties like, one need proof of everything it deals over and one becomes proof for everything what is with it. We can’t compare science and love, because former uses mind to judge while later doesn’t need any judgement.

Lie connection:
A person can never lie with himeslf and the bond of love joins the two soul in such a way that both can’t remain separate even though they are different, which makes the loved ones to be single soul in two bodies. Then how one can sy lie to other? its totally impossible… One can only tell lie if there is any good meaning is hidden for other but if there is good for ourself one can’t say lie to loved one in the term of self profit. Now some will say that one can lie to save relation, I would say that relation is based on some profit or loss; If both love each other one can’t lie to other and vise versa. Can you lie to your parents? can you lie to your spouce facing each other contacting eye to eye? answer will be NO.

Love and songs:
Very related to each other. Actually songs are related to every single emotion, or we can say that songs are the actual representation of feelings that are going on. Songs are the way of living, its the sound of Nature. In love songs plays a very important role, it enhances the romantic mood and also it cools down the distress and increases the hotness in self and on the opposite. Songs are having a very interesting magic of making anyone attracted to a definet type of music. As it is said as “if you are in love, you enjoys the music and if you are sad, you actually enjoys the lyrics”.


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