Happy Women’s Day


Hey boys,
First of all Happy Women’s day to you. Don’t laugh, I’m serious… Happy Women’s day to you. On this International Women’s Day I would like to wish all you boys rather than wishing any girl.
The reason is not plain but also not so complex. Just close your eyes for a moment and think for the word “Woman”. I said think for the word not the face. Ok, let’s try again, think again for the word, be aware only word… Wao, again you are seeing a face. Whomsoever the face is but even by extremely focusing only on the word; you saw only face. One more thing you will only see the pretiest face, that damn smiling one, laughing and caring face you have ever seen.
Now open your eyes, look outside, look over the recent news, what you saw? Is it matching with what you saw? even a little matching? No, aren’t they?
Do you know what’s the reason?… It is us; yup we men, who are ruining the the best creation of God. Ofcourse you there are some exceptions but majority is of which one?
Fellows, we have to answer these question. We have the answers to all questions but not having guts to say. Did this makes you happy?
Our ego, our manliness turned into animality, fake superiority are those things which are making the scenario worse. Wake up my friends… Make them feel special not lone and inert. Don’t judge ever girl as some exceptions, because exceptions are not like the same from birth may be some of us have forced her to be like that.

For girls, it’s your day… be happy