Fashion or just showing more skin?


Fashion, hearing the word we thought of some new, some extra ordinary, one which makes anyone beautiful. Every profession can have recession but fashion… I think the fashion industry will remain as costant as ever. Fashion was there when human started to wear clothes, every God, demi God have their own style of dresses. Kings and queens of different part of world have different dressing style than the ordinary people. Every part of world have different fashion and tradition. Fashion shows who you are and what’s your personality.
Before going to more detail about the blog title, I want you to give the definition of fashion. Before that let me ask you what do you think the fashion is?. May be the thing which is in trend or the latest style the new movie, shows or probably the sytle of any ideal that one think. Most of the people think that the fashion is the style of clothing which any movie star used recently and because of the number of fans who follow the star makes that style a trend.
But is that the actual fashion? No.. Fashion is somewhat an unique way of style and dressing that makes you beautiful gives you comfort and makes you comfortable among the people. Fashion is a art which makes one confident enough to go in front of people knowing the fact that he/she is looking in his/her best.
Some days before I attended convocation of INIFD where one of my close friend was going to be awarded the bachelors degree in fashion designing. The program was very well organized and as the college is related to the fashion world it was obvious that the faculties there and the students will come with their own style of dressing, their own deshiged dresses. Most of the students were girls (I don’t know why boys thinks not to go in fashion industry, probably because in india fashion gets related to modelling and boys thinks its not their cup of tea). What I saw is the skin. Yup most of the girls there were dressed up in such a way that their dress was revealing their skin as much as they can show. First I thought that ya its a fashion world, every one here is related to fashion industry which is affected by glamour or it is the glamour. But then I saw few more students who are also well dressed up but with revealing very less part of their body. It was a mixed culture I seen in terms of clothing.
The guest of honour was a renowned fashion designer of India. Before he went over the dise to tell about the fashion, I was unaware of anything, I was relating fashion and glamour, I was thinking that showing more and more skin is fashion, but I was wrong as everyone. He told that fashion is one which makes you beautiful and also confident and hot enough that can make the other one comfortable in front of you. Showing skin is not fashion rather showing the style is more likely to be termed as fashion. It’s the God gifted art that is used to get properly dressed up showing the most beautiful of you. A mistake of tailor must not be treated as a new fashion.
So, if you think wearing short dresses makes one fashionable… you are wrong. The thing that makes you beautiful, desierable and enhance your personality… that is fashion.


“Fashion make you beautiful… and the Fashion designers are the inventors and developers who makes that thing work”


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