You’ll always find better one Don’t cry.


So have you been into the relationship? Forget a relationship, do you ever got friendzoned? Most probably yes… Everyone gets friendzoned it can’t be denied. Don’t be sad if you were placed into friendzone by someone. Even girls get into friendzoned. For some, it happens ones or twice and others may be used to it. Those who say that they never were friendzoned are those who never asked her/him out because of shyness or fear. And for those who were friendzoned, good for them at least you got some experience to learn the traits and nature of opposite sex. Ya, it’s good if you learn the basic nature and art to talk and make them (opposite sex) laugh. It will be very helpful when you get the special one or any stranger(in the case of arranged marriage), that art will be useful at the starting phase. You can make a strong bond at a very early stage of relationship because of that. So, don’t afraid of getting into friendzoned.
Another thing, I’ve seen many peoples who got friendzoned but still not recovered from the shock of denial or friendzone. They can be always seen saying that she/he will not get better than him/her or also say or thinks that once in a time in her/his life she/he will think that you were the best one and will regret over her/his decision.
Bla Bla… Bogus… No one remembers. Even you also didn’t remember such and also never going to remember such things because it is the human brain which is good enough to replace irrelevant memories or past with the new good ones. And also, when you compare old memories with the new one, you’ll always find that the one you were thinking of as if it is the best memories are very little over this one. Everyone every time meets some better person than the last one and with this new one you’ll also create those memories which you are going to be your best one. I know you’ll not agree with it, so let me ask some question:
1. Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?
2. Do you remember your first crush? Ya not that you were saying… When you were in fifth grade or even less.
3. How many crushes you had?
4. Do you think the current one is better than the last one?
5. Do you think I can’t live without my current GF/BF? and the last one.
6. Have you also thought the same 5th question answer was same with the previous one?

If your answer to the first question is ‘Yes’ and the second answer is ‘No’ then you are normal and also you are just having some effect of movies and rest none. If 1st one is ‘yes’ and 3rd have answered ‘more than 1’, HaHaHa either you are changing eyes or the love was a just attraction.
If Answer to my 4th question is ‘Yes’ congrats you can always recover from any shock(denial/friendzone/external), you’ll always find a better one though you will feel broken for months or in case few years, but I bet ones you’ll get new one, you’ll get refreshed.
The last thing is if your answers for the question 4th, 5th and 6th were ‘Yes’. Don’t think you are not faithful or you are not good in the relationship. I think you people are the best one, You remains faithful to the current one and that’s the best thing, unless or until you people don’t get broke-up you remains as the true lover and performs best of you. But I’m not here as a judge. I was just proving my blog topic which is, You’ll always find better one Don’t cry.




Every time when you looks for any picture in which any animal or bird making love or making the heart by their gestures, the first picture that comes is always of the swan couple. You know why? It is because

“Swan only have one partner for their whole life, if their partner dies they could pass away from broken heart”

So, Love, what is it?
I think nobody have the answer. Not because of any literature fault but the fact is Love can’t be described, it is unexplainable, love is a kind of feeling that can only be felt without getting any prior warning and that feeling is so good that one wants to get completely dissolved in it.
Love is something that makes you strong as well as the weakest being in the world.Love is that you can achieve anything and can do things far beyond your capabilities. Love also makes you such a miser that you can’t even stand on your foot. Love is so mysterious that if you get the perfect one you will live like Gods and if you felt it in a wrong way than even God can’t save you from that.
In this era and even before, love is sometimes compared to or even said to be the part of lust. Love comes into picture when two souls meet not the two bodies.
I’ve seen many peoples who used to be flirtatious and so vulgar even found saying that love is a bogus thing. But when they find the cupid struck their heart by his arrow everyone surprised by the drastic change in their behaviour. As it said that a pure atheist can only become the true believer and a perfect theist. A similar thing is with love.
Love is a supernatural power that always remains hidden in everyone’s deep but when it awakens, it shows its full power.
Many people have defined love like:
-Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure[Wikipedia]
-Warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion, affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests[dictionary].

The best idea about love I found is from an Urdu line which is transliterated here:
“Saat mukaam hote hain ishq mein… Dilkashi, unss, mohabbat, aqeedat, ibaadat, junoon aur maut”.
There are seven stages of love… Attraction, attachment, love, trust, worship, passion and death.

Nature have given us one heart and one brain not for any duel but to synchronize them for choosing one perfect life partner and loving him/her whole life.

Crush, Like, Love



Hey folks, here I’m not talking about any link between these, as every individual can have their own perspective and stories to link them.
I’m going to tell a little bit about these as per my knowledge and experience.
So, what’s Crush?
Is it the one who love? Naaa…
Is it the one you feel to be close? Maybe…
Are you attached to them emotionally? Somewhat…

None of these questions you will answer as yes. Some will find ‘yes’ for the third one, but I’ll tell you, you are wrong.
So, the question still remains same… What’s crush then?
The answer is, crush makes you feel crazy unwilling emotions at a time, like feeling super shy and uncontrollably giddy at the same time and blushing when you caught with those emotions.
One may feel he/she he is attacked by cupid if he/she is having a crush on someone.

Pros of having Crush:
1. You’ll get to know what emotions are.
2. You will understand the importance of different peoples in life.

Cons of having crush:
1. Your studies or work will affect negatively (in 95% of cases).
2. You’ll become sissy or very shy in nature.

Try to be flirty, which will always divert your mood. A healthy, open minded and unintentional flirt can make you realize that there are much more things in the world other than your crush that can make you smile.
Plus point, doing flirt will increase your IQ… Because unintentional flirt and continue flirting needs lots of concentration… It’s like solving the puzzle every time… It’s not the cup of tea for everyone.
So, if the crush is what you make you shy in front of them, then what is ‘Like’?
Like is what you like. You like them, you like to talk to them, you like to do hangouts, do night outs, do whatever.
Here your like can be anyone, may be your friend, brother, sister, a mutual friend, younger, elder, boy, girl, anyone… It’s not necessary that in ‘Like’ you have to feel intimate or cupid’s arrow kind of thing. Like is the one with which you can do most insane things in a decent way.

Important note:
If someone say you that he/she likes you, never… never ever take it as they love you. Always have some limits with those so called ‘Likes’. Ya, Like always converts to love, but it takes time, give time or take time, but don’t over judge too soon.
… For boys, be aware, if someone say they like your company or like to do hangouts with you… probably you are going to soon be in friendzone. in such case, watch the body language and eye moment while they were saying that to you.
But you say that like always gets convert to Love, how?
For this, you have to know what is love.
Love is a feeling, because of that you find yourself caring for them. Love is when someone is ready to sacrifice. If you say to them that you want to be bad (as you were too good before), they will say, let be both become bad. Love is when you want them not to feel alone, always wants their company. Love is also when you can have fights without getting angry. Love is when your sadness can make other upset and your happiness can make their day.
Love is like a pipe joining two tanks from bottom to make the water level equal and balanced. As the pipe makes the level by distributing water, by love one is able to share the joy and sadness. There is so much over love that no one in the world can completely define it. Sometimes it is compared to God itself, not because of the power but because of its un explainability.