Crush, Like, Love



Hey folks, here I’m not talking about any link between these, as every individual can have their own perspective and stories to link them.
I’m going to tell a little bit about these as per my knowledge and experience.
So, what’s Crush?
Is it the one who love? Naaa…
Is it the one you feel to be close? Maybe…
Are you attached to them emotionally? Somewhat…

None of these questions you will answer as yes. Some will find ‘yes’ for the third one, but I’ll tell you, you are wrong.
So, the question still remains same… What’s crush then?
The answer is, crush makes you feel crazy unwilling emotions at a time, like feeling super shy and uncontrollably giddy at the same time and blushing when you caught with those emotions.
One may feel he/she he is attacked by cupid if he/she is having a crush on someone.

Pros of having Crush:
1. You’ll get to know what emotions are.
2. You will understand the importance of different peoples in life.

Cons of having crush:
1. Your studies or work will affect negatively (in 95% of cases).
2. You’ll become sissy or very shy in nature.

Try to be flirty, which will always divert your mood. A healthy, open minded and unintentional flirt can make you realize that there are much more things in the world other than your crush that can make you smile.
Plus point, doing flirt will increase your IQ… Because unintentional flirt and continue flirting needs lots of concentration… It’s like solving the puzzle every time… It’s not the cup of tea for everyone.
So, if the crush is what you make you shy in front of them, then what is ‘Like’?
Like is what you like. You like them, you like to talk to them, you like to do hangouts, do night outs, do whatever.
Here your like can be anyone, may be your friend, brother, sister, a mutual friend, younger, elder, boy, girl, anyone… It’s not necessary that in ‘Like’ you have to feel intimate or cupid’s arrow kind of thing. Like is the one with which you can do most insane things in a decent way.

Important note:
If someone say you that he/she likes you, never… never ever take it as they love you. Always have some limits with those so called ‘Likes’. Ya, Like always converts to love, but it takes time, give time or take time, but don’t over judge too soon.
… For boys, be aware, if someone say they like your company or like to do hangouts with you… probably you are going to soon be in friendzone. in such case, watch the body language and eye moment while they were saying that to you.
But you say that like always gets convert to Love, how?
For this, you have to know what is love.
Love is a feeling, because of that you find yourself caring for them. Love is when someone is ready to sacrifice. If you say to them that you want to be bad (as you were too good before), they will say, let be both become bad. Love is when you want them not to feel alone, always wants their company. Love is also when you can have fights without getting angry. Love is when your sadness can make other upset and your happiness can make their day.
Love is like a pipe joining two tanks from bottom to make the water level equal and balanced. As the pipe makes the level by distributing water, by love one is able to share the joy and sadness. There is so much over love that no one in the world can completely define it. Sometimes it is compared to God itself, not because of the power but because of its un explainability.


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