Positive Jealousy



“A feeling that is usually termed as bad, but in case of love, attachment or something like that, it is very usual and sometimes necessary”

Yup I’m talking about jealousness. About every single person in this world is suffering from this problem. It is both bad and good. Here in this blog I’m not covering the bad jealousness but the type of it which is very necessary in one’s life.

One of the most crucial situation in our life is the time you are in a such a position which is above friendship but below relationship. Every love life starts when two strangers meet and becomes friends, after some time bonding between them gets some strength and so the term called best friend emerges. After that best friend thing their mental thinking capabilities and other activities or likliness makes them to be close friends. Till now it’s normal, but now the cruicial situation occurs and the jealousness comes into the picture.

One may get over possessive towards the other. Becoming more concious about the activities of other. Gathering all information about his/her friends is normal in this time period and also giving more attention when there is any activity/meeting/outing is planned between his/her old friends specially who were close to them before or are even close in present.

That thing… That over possessiveness makes one more jealous which is good and it needs to be there untill and unless it is not making any side effects. Getting negative thoughts in mind is also very common which involves thoughts like that pre planed activity is bogus or is irrelevant or something.

If one does not have the feeling of jealousy then I think that person is not competitive and also not so serious about the closeness/relationship. Jealousness makes the person to work beyond his own capabilities, which also increase the bond and makes one to do such acts which directly or indirectly relates to get more attention and care of other.

“Positiveness and limits in anything gives the best results”


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