That [Space] before the word friend


I’m not talking about the personal space, I’m talking about the spelling where there is a [space] between two words and if that [space] get remove will make the change the meaning of the combination.

Didn’t got yet? it’s girl/boy [space] friend. Yup, there is a vast difference between girl[space]friend and girlfriend; similarly for boy[space]friend and boyfriend.

Most of the people specially boys can’t judge that [space] before their friendship, they always think that there is no space. While the scenario is different with girls; they know where is [space] and where is not. Even though they treat all of their boy[space]friends as special but the fact remain same that in girls mind they have that [space] before the friendship, while in same time boy thinks wao the [space] is not there as they gets special treatment everytime.
Situation becomes worse when boy ask that girl out or do propose, and is awarded with a one line sentence which is: “I thought we were just friends”, and that heart breaking situation makes him realize that he is in friendzone.

Boys… one thing you must remember is that about every boy in the world gets into friendzone atleast ones in his life (the reason is same… their ignorance about that [space]…).

And for Girls… I think you must give some hint about the [space] if there. I know you all aware and know if there is [space] or not. Giving hint about the [space] much before the boy interprete the scenario in different way will make him realize the friendzone much before the situation gets worse and also will be safe from the heart break in later stage. And if there is not any [space] then ask him out immediately, start or propose by yourself or atleast give him a serious hint. It is because we boys remains confused and nervous over the presence or absence of that [space].


One thought on “That [Space] before the word friend

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