Yes… you can also be Friendzoned (for girls)


“There is no word like Friendzone in boy’s dictionary, in case they want anything like same… Sisterzone and GetLostZone is quite famous”

First thing to get into mind is, there is no sanskari boy exist in the world who would friendzoned or sisterzone any girl without any proper reason. It totally depends on your move and the behaviour which turns him down.
Now we come over the point what puts a girl in friendzone.

Every boy have some kind of taste, some gets turn on over good looks, figure and hotness, some over the sense of humour, some finds the girl suitable and attractive after a long time being in friendship and some even don’t know that they are attracted or not (confused ones). As there are number of turn ons, there are number of things that turns off them and probably that single time turn off can permanently turn them down and for being safe they puts you in friendzone or sisterzone. Some of the turn offs were like:

Frequent talks about your male friends: Yup, it’s one of the main reason. Some finds in irritatable and some finds it offensive. Yes… the feel of insecurity is there in boys too and that too constant and frequent talk about your friends will think them to be competitive, which starts with positive mood and ends in final breakup (as there is a limit of bearable stress). So, better talk less about that. Boys want all things clear and easy. Even though you were been in relationship earlier, better just make him aware of that in the early stage, but never ever compare or talk about the previous experiences in future.

Lack of sexual attraction: Obviously one will not find you comfortable as his girlfriend if your personality makes you seem more like a sister. Your behaviour seems too innocent to them which may remind them of their sisters. This scenario is not that catastrophical as in the starting stage of friendship boy will make you aware of that will also treat you as his sister.

When romance thing is like mirage: Even though girl be beautiful but if there is very less romantic vibes between the couple then there is probably larger chances of becoming just friends in the middle stage of relationship. It is also good for both as after all the relationship is for romance.

Going out with his friend: Hahahah, I don’t want to comment over this, but yes, if you go out with his friends without any proper reason and without proper informing, it will be very bad for you. It is because, you don’t know his friends as better he knows them.

If he thinks you are not interested in him: For getting idea about this fact, read my previous blog post “That [space] with the word friend“. Be aware that boys are more confused when they ask you out.

Uncontrolled emotions: Some boys are very sensitive and emotional. When they find that the emotional graph is going towards the fatigue point and also in mean time they find you unreachable(in terms of relationship), they will surely put you into sisterzone not even as a normal friend.

– These are just the common points that can open the door of friendzone to you. There could also be more causes/points which are either out of my mind or are bit not that much commonly affective. So, use your own intution too.

“Friendzone is more dangerous than being just friends”


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