They will always Lie, Just believe in yourself


Today I attended a seminar arranged by Department of Narcotics, MP police, Indore. They discussed multiple topics over drugs and its effects. They showed this video in their first presentation :

This made me remember on of such incident happen with me. Please watch this video before reading further.

It was the time during my graduates, when I used to play for a college band as a percussionist, especially playing jazz drums. The practice sessions run last long from two-hour session to five-hour sessions. Even though it seems to be a long session but in actual, there we add a number of breaks and also pauses after songs or taking rest if somebody feels tired.
It was the start of my second semester when I had my first stage show in college itself.  A forty-five-minute show gave me such a pain, seeming like I’m suffered from tennis-elbow. Playing jazz drums and hand moments for those fast rolls, it’s normal to have such pain after a long playing session.
This pain raised a question in my mind about how those rockstars play continuously for hours on any concert. I discussed it with my band mate, who said, “They take alcohol or drugs just before any show”. I was shocked by this reply and that rose a question on my face. To which he replied, “Because of alcohol and drugs, one feels less pain and also the fear of crowd goes away”. I wondered, music is treated as a god gift and also worshiped as goddess Saraswati in India and how can a person can do a musical performance after getting drugged.
Not only that band mate but my other colleagues also told me that if I want to perform for continuous some hour long session, I should also start doing just the way as the other rock stars were doing. They even gave me live proofs about how people take alcohols and all before their show. For the proofs, they showed my the green rooms of some singers and rock band members, who performed in my university cultural fests. Even after the proofs, my inner soul was saying that they are wrong and I also need to prove that. I said to them that I will perform soon and that too without following any of your stupid ideas. I started my band practice and increased my stamina and habit to perform for more hours continuously. For energy, I used to take orange juice and also used to chew chewing gum or normal candy while performing or practicing. And at last, I performed for continuous three-hour show, without any single break of more than fifteen seconds.
It could be my dedication towards my religious rites and the suggestions given by my parents, that stopped me from getting trapped into the black hole of drugs and alcohol , from which no one can get out. I suggest everyone that please not to get into such trap by hearing stupid ideas from acquaintances and by seeing some bogus rock stars. Believe in yourself and also remember ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. You will be right when you know prior to them that “They were lying”.