Marriage outsourcing, is it a type of arranged marriage?


Maritial union, where the bride and groom are selected by their known ones is said to be as Arranged marriage. This definition of Arranged marriage is now outdated.

But before moving towards the new definition, let’s look into the brief history about the later.

Until the late 18th century, Arranged marriage was in tradition around the world. Later after the sex revolution, people think arranged marriage as abnormal or uncommon. But there are some part of the world where this type of marriage is still practiced, like country of India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Israel, etc.

In recent news, I saw that numerous amount of American men and Russian women are pairing up. Despite of language barrage, tradition and cultural barrier and a long distance, American men are outsourcing marriage; What some call it as modern days Arranged marriage.

Some people says that women from different regions of the world make a better companion, the chances of divorce become very less and also as per the men in US, they prefer Russian women because at a certain age, they still looks younger comparing to their US counterparts. Similarly for Russian women, they are leaving behind their friends, family, job and many more just to have a long-term relationship.

International marriage agencies in USA are making their business these days by making a new term, “Mail order Bride”. Here the men and women takes help of these agencies to find a match for them. After some meetings through the agencies, they get marry in a proper way. Nearly 16K US men each year are getting married through these international agencies.

It is just a start of new term “Outsourced marriage”; gaining the name taking the back of the arrange marriage. Let’s see what happens next.